Sheep Shearing Program
Station Activities

Howell Living History Farm’s sheep shearing program introduces students to the hand production of natural fiber for textiles. Howell Farm’s living history approach draws students back to a time period when most people in America were familiar with natural fibers and handiwork. During the spring sheep shearing season, Howell Farm welcomes school groups to participate in this unique event and to learn the great traditional skills of making things by hand.

Shearing: Watch up close as a farmer hand shears one of Howell Farm’s sheep. Everyone will be given a piece of raw wool from the sheep being sheared to feel the texture and the natural oils.

Lamb Visits: Visit the sheep barn and pet the lambs.

Carding: Help process wool using Howell Farm’s hand-cranked carding machine to prepare it for spinning. Lean about the many uses for wool products on a 1900 family farm.

Spinning: See Howell Farm’s spinner make yarn using a spinning wheel and learn about the tools and techniques of spinning. Everyone will be given clean wool to try their own hand at finger spinning while our spinner explains how the yarn is dyed and woven into cloth. Learn about the properties of wool and see finished woven or knitted products.

Weaving:  Learn how yarns and threads are woven into cloth.  Everyone will take a turn “shooting the shuttle” and “beating” the yarn into place as they weave on a circa 1900 floor loom.  Learn about different types of looms as you finger weave your own weaving project to take home with you.

Offered the end of March through April, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am until noon.   For First Grade and up.