About Howell Farm - Overview

The history of Howell Farm is long and varied. Since farming began on this site in the 1730s, just about every type of farming situation has occurred here. The farm has evolved from a grain producing farm to a dairy farm and over the years various crops have been grown, animals raised, products produced, etc. The farm has gone through periods of family ownership and occupation and absentee owner/tenant farmer occupation. 

Today the Farm exists in its rural setting as both an example of farming as it was practiced in New Jersey in the period 1890-1910 and as a landscape where one can find the remnants of over 250 years of farming practice and life.  For information about our current farming operations, click the links below.


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The page below will help you learn about the families that have made this farm their home in the past and also about how farming was practiced here in various time periods. The history of Howell Farm is thus a microcosm of the larger agricultural history of the township, county, state, and nation.

Caretakers of the Land