Summer on the Farm
Station Activities

Howell Living History Farm invites summer camps and groups to experience a summer on a circa 1900 New Jersey farm. Howell Farm’s living history approach draws visitors back to a time period when the principles of cultivating food were familiar to most people in America. Enjoy activities, sights, sounds, and smells during this fun and enriching farm-life program.

Wagon Tour of Farming Operations: Horsepower—the engine of the past—will pull your wagon into a landscape reminiscent of Hopewell Township one century ago, when farm lanes were bordered by snake fences and osage orange trees, and when farmers still worked by hand with horsepower to cultivate their fields of corn, oats, wheat and hay. Operations vary daily, so there is no telling what you might see—a reaper-binder or hay tedder in action, a flock of sheep coming in from the meadow, or a farm crew bringing in the sheaves.

Meet the Farm Animals: On a hot summer day it is still cool inside the barn where you will meet Howell Farm’s work horses and oxen and learn about their care and feeding. At the henhouse, you will visit a flock of egg-laying Barred Plymouth Rocks. You may find the pigs wallowing in the mud and catch sight of Howell Farm’s dairy cow chewing her cud. Keep an eye open for ducks, geese, farm cats, and for our farm dog, Maggie.

Corn Shelling: To get a feel for farm life, you must do chores. So, here is your chance to help the farmer with one of the daily routines. After you have gotten an ear of corn from the corncrib, you will shell corn in the granary. The farmers will use the corn you shell to later feed Howell Farm’s pigs and chickens.