Corn Planting
Station Activities

Howell Living History Farm’s corn planting program introduces students to the many facets of planting and utilizing maize, a vital crop to North America. Howell Farm’s living history approach draws students back to a time period when the principles of cultivating food were familiar to most people in America. During the corn planting season, Howell Farm welcomes school groups to help prepare and use its corn crop and to discover what farming was like in 1900 America.

Seed & Feed Preparation: Each person will select an ear of corn from the corncrib and remove the grain from the cob to shell the corn. Learn how to select the kernels which will make the best seed for planting. Use the remaining kernels to make feed for the farm animals by turning the wheels of a two-person grinder. Learn how Howell Farm’s manure spreader recycles empty cobs.

Corn Planting: Learn about corn planting technology by using hand sowing methods used throughout history and by planting corn using a circa 1900, animal-drawn seeder.

Plowing: Join a farmer and his team of horses on a field that needs to be prepared for planting. A Howell Farm interpreter will allow each child in your group the opportunity to use a horsedrawn plow to demonstrate the necessity of tilling the soil.

Cornbread Baking & Tasting: Learn how cornbread is made using Howell Farm’s flour, eggs and honey in a circa 1900 kitchen. Take a turn churning butter while the cornbread bakes in the farm’s cookstove. After the cornbread is topped with honey, you can taste the cornbread as you learn about the farm’s hard working honeybees.