Farm Animals Program

Station Activities

The Farm Animals program is designed to introduce children to Howell Farm’s farm animals and  to their jobs on the farm. Howell Living History Farm is a 130 acre working farm that interprets life on a typical family farm of Mercer County circa 1890—1910. After a short walk to the barnyard, you will rotate through seven stations. The corn shelling and granary stations provide every child in the group with a hands-on activity, or chore, that children may have done on a New Jersey farm in 1900. The animal stations will provide the children with other multi-sensory experiences.

Sheep: Learn about the care and feeding of sheep by visiting the sheep barn and meeting the flock. Each child will be given a piece of clean soft wool to feel and to take home. Howell Farm has ewes all year long and little lambs in the spring.

Pigs: The pigs will come running when the children yell “soo-ee”! Learn how pigs help to dispose of kitchen and garden scraps. Find out why pigs are smart to wallow in the mud and then watch them root with their snouts.

Cow & Oxen: Find out the important contributions cows and oxen make to a farm.  Learn why they “chew their cud”, why a cow gives milk and what a yoke is for.

Horses: The horses you will meet at Howell Farm are the kind that plow the fields and pull the wagons. Each child may have an opportunity to touch one of the work horses.

Chickens: Visit the henhouse and meet a flock of Plymouth Barred Rock hens. Inside the henhouse you will see where hens lay their eggs and where chickens roost at night. Children may get to touch a hen and see one of the chickens’ brown eggs.

Corn Shelling: Many of the farm animals eat field corn. Shelling, taking the kernels off the cob, is another chore that will be done by everyone in your group when you visit the corncrib. Also find out how farmers then recycle the empty cobs.

Granary: Visit the threshing floor in Howell Farm’s early 1800’s Henry Phillips barn. Here, everyone will have a chance to crack corn using a hand-cranked grinder to make food for the animals.